CV - erika bengtsdotter

Professional training
Uppsala School of Art, 2 years
Wik Folk High School, 1 year

Individual Exhibitions
Yellow House Gallery, Uppsala, 1998
Uppsala Biomedical Centre, 2000
National Medical Products Agency, Uppsala, 2001, 2005
Ecological Gallery, Uppsala, 2001
National Housing Agency, Karlskrona, 2001
Gallery 1, Uppsala, 2003, 2005
Alsta Botanical Gardens, 2004
Aguéli Museum, Sala, 2004
Gimo Mill Gallery, Uppland, 2005

Collaborative exhibitions
Mailed Art, Hall of Art, Uppsala 1994
Öregrund Town Hall, Uppland, 1985-2002
“Chairs” Fyris River, Uppsala, 1998
Linneaus Gallery, Uppsala 1999-01, 2004
Swedish Embassy, Tokyo, 2000
Minami Aoyama Gallery, Tokyo, 2000
Pharmacia, Uppsala 2001
Lithuanian Artists Association, Vilnius, 2001
Gallery Strömbom, Uppsala, 2001-02
Gallerie hinter dem Rathaus, Wismar, Germany, 2003
UKK jubilee exhibition, Botanical Gardens of Uppsala, 2005

Adjudicated exhibitions
Harg Iron Forge 1999
Autumn Salon, Väsby Art Hall, 1999, 2001
Uppland Salon, Upsala Art Museum, 2000
Salon 3x3, Väsby Art Hall, 2003

UKK - Uppsala Artists´Club
KRO - National Artists´Organisation

Represented at
Uppsala Police headquarters
National Veterinary, Uppsala
Uppland County Council, Uppsala
Swedish Agricultural University, Uppsala
Uppsala People´s Palace
Q-Med, Uppsala
SAS, Tokyo
Swedish Embassy, Vilnius, Lithuania
Tierp Municipality, Tierp
National Food Administration, Uppsala
Office of Cultural Affairs, Uppsala
Swedish Dept of  Foreign Affairs, Stockholm
SÄPO (Swedish Security Police)
Uppsala Town Hall

Uppsala municipality 1998, Kulting award 1999, Scandinavia-Japan Sasakawa Foundation 2000,
Project allowance: Uppsala municipal office of cultural affairs, 2001, 2002, 2003

Teacher in oil painting, Vuxenskolan, Uppsala
Decoration of stairway, Kurvan housing association, 2001
Book cover : Att förstå livsåskådning (How to understand the philosophy of life) by Mikael Lindfeldt
Collaboration with the author Åsa Ericsdotter, text and illustration
Decorative work, Uppsala Town Hall, Uppsala, 2005


A few observations on Erika Bengtsdotter

Over the years I have become the happy owner of several paintings by Erika Bengtsdotter - my absolute favourite among Uppsala artists.

I pass by her pictures every day. Occasionally I stop to look at one or another of them and each time I´m impressed by how they strike a cord. Don’t know what it’s called, it has no words and it sits close to my heart.

Most of my acquaintances are similarly touched. No one know really why - we don’t need to either. The colouring, of course, always warm and dense. But there’s also something about her subjects, so carefully balanced, semifigurative/metaphorical. You know that every picture portrays something, without knowing exactly what. There’s a sort of enigma, something only partly revealed, a profundity and a curiosity that makes one sense the answer to a concealed mystery: a fleeting glimpse through a doorway, an impression we recognize but cannot place or define, a desire to enter the painting, really. Because the motif - and the explanation of the mystery - is not superficial but much deeper, or far away in the distance. Or within ourselves, just as we can perceive and appreciate the world when we stand in harmony with it.


Håkan Nesser, Swedish author